Delroy Wilson

Delroy Wilson

Delroy George Wilson CD was a Jamaican ska, rocksteady and reggae singer. Wilson is often regarded as Jamaica’s first child star, having first found success as a teenager. His youngest son, Karl “Konan” Wilson, has found success as part of British duo Krept and Konan.

The Best 10 – Delroy Wilson

Delroy Wilson was one of Jamaica’s most soulful vocalists, and over a 40-year career the singer unleashed a flood of hits and a multitude of masterpieces. Born on October 5, 1948, in the Kingston neighborhood of Trenchtown, Wilson’s phenomenal talent would be his ticket out of the ghetto, and his discovery by producer Coxsone Dodd in 1962 would change the path of Jamaican music. His first recording for Dodd, “If I Had a Beautiful Baby” did little, but the producer stuck by his prodigy, and his follow-up “Spit in the Sky,” was a sound system smash. That number was Dodd‘s personally composed smack at rival Prince Buster, while Lee Perry penned Wilson’s “Joe Liges” as a sharp rebuke aimed at Buster‘s “Bad Minded People.” “Joe Liges” garnered Wilson his first chart hit, and sparked Jamaican’s continuing love affair with pint-sized singing stars.

The vinyl battle continued across a clutch of notable singles, including “Prince Pharaoh” and “I Shall Not Remove,” the latter titling Wilson’s 1966 debut album, while he also cut the proto-Rasta “Lion of Judah.” Across the ska era, the teen sensation recorded a steady stream of popular numbers for Dodd, and even better material was to come once he hit puberty and his voice broke. Wilson’s cover of the Tams‘ “Dancing Mood” arrived in 1966, helping to set the stage for the rocksteady era. The song was a smash, and remained a fan favorite, prompting the singer to recut the song several times in later years.


  • I Shall Not Remove (1966) Studio One
  • Good All Over (1969) Coxsone/Studio One
  • Better Must Come (1971) Dynamic Sounds
  • Captivity (1973) Big Shot
  • For I And I (1975) Grounation
  • Sarge (1976) Charmers
  • Last Thing on My Mind (1977) Harry J
  • Money (1977) Clocktower
  • Mr. Cool Operator (1977) EJI
  • Lovers’ Rock (1978) Burning Sounds
  • Who Done It (1979) Third World
  • True Believer in Love (197?) Carib Gems
  • True Believer in Love (197?) Micron
  • Unedited (197?) Hulk
  • Living in the Footsteps (1980) Joe Gibbs
  • Go Away Dream (1982) Black Music
  • Nice Times (1983) Vista Sounds
  • Reggae Classics (1984) Londisc
  • Worth Your Weight in Gold (1984) Burning Sounds
  • The Dean of Reggae (1985) Mister Tipsy
  • Looking For Love (1986) Phill Pratt
  • Million Busters in Reggae (198?) Top Rank
  • Super Mix Hits (198?) Pioneer International
  • Dancing Mood Studio One
  • Oldies But Goodies Pioneer International (with Owen Gray)
  • Now (19??), Real Wax

Wilson’s work has also been collected on over 15 ‘Best of’ compilations and he features on dozens of compilations of reggae and ska music.

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