Dem A Dead by Mental (Dancehall Single)



Product: Dem A Dead (Single)
Alternative Title:
Artiste: Mental
Product Code: M1001BNB
UPC Barcode: 811868513720
ISRC: JME121400083.
MP3 and CD
Release Date: Oct.30,2014
2014 Bold N Boasy Entertainment/SYMPHONIC DISTRIBUTION

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Release Bio:
Dem A Dead is a Gangster Song, Mental Load is gun and blow away bad mind and evil people. Mental who has shown much talent over the years after these long years of toiling. He is even more resolved today in getting his elusive dream becoming a headline singer some day soon.
Mental in the Music Industry and has since released singles such as;
“Bad To Bobo” and “Party Like We”, his runaway single he record on the Life Goes On Riddim produce by Shastri Music and Bold N Boasy Ent.


Title:”Dem A Dead”
Artiste (s) or Group: Mental
Riddim “Instrumental” Courtesy of: Carlton Brown.
Riddim “Instrumental” Name: Kingdom Instrumental.
Composer (s) Names (s): Blitz Beats.
Song Arranger:
Song Written by: Terrence Hart
Background Vocal (s) by: Knocklife.
Mix by: Sean Combs Lane Studio.
Master by: Weak & Strong Studio
Recording Engineer (s) Name (s): Sean Combs Lane Studio.
Studio Name (s): Sean Combs Lane Studio.
Voice Produced by: Terrence Hart
Executive Producer: Carlton Brown of Bold n Boasy Ent.
Voice Date: Oct.01, 2014
Release Date:00/11/14
ISRC: JME121400083.
Distributor (s): Bold N Boasy Online / SYMPHONIC DISTRIBUTION
Label Names (s): Bold N Boasy Entertainment.


©2023 Distribute by Bold N Boasy Entertainment


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